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Dog Pooper Scooper Portable Cleaner

Dog Pooper Scooper Portable Cleaner

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  • Easy Waste Pickup: Effortlessly scoop dog waste and bag it in one motion with unique claw grabber mechanism, keeping your hands clean.
  • Built-In Bag Dispenser: Conveniently integrated bag dispenser eliminates the need for carrying a separate bag roll during outdoor walks.
  • Portable and Compact: Tube-shaped design with lanyard ensures easy carrying for walks, park visits, hikes, and more.
  • Effective on All Surfaces: Durable materials and sturdy claws make waste pickup a breeze, no matter the surface.
  • Suitable for All Pet Sizes: Wide claw opening accommodates waste from small, medium, and large dog breeds, offering versatility to all pet owners.

Product Details:
Category: toilet
Material: plastic
Specifications: regular
Color: blue

Package Contents:

Toilet X1PC

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